Mighty Mouse, What kind of bird am I?
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When I picked up Mighty Mouse from a local vet's office, she was covered with mites, so her original name was Mitey Mouse. Now she's clear of parasites and is Mighty, not Mitey.

At first glance Mighty seemed like a starling, but there were some differences from Scrappy, the starling I picked up from the vet on the same day.

Scrappy the starling's page

Mighty Mouse:
• more mature
(yellow lips have shrunk more, less down)
• smaller (46 grams)
• slighly greyer
• not as broad-chested
• feet are much darker
• more light feathers on breast & under chin
• quieter

• younger
• bigger (50 grams)
• slightly browner
• more broad chested
• more voacal

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See how dark Mighty's legs and feet are.
Notice how much white on Mighty's underside
Mighty in back, Scrappy in front
Scrappy on left, Might on right
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