Trillbert (Trill) the Starling
Trill was discovered by a friend in her driveway. He was pink and naked with a big 'yolk belly'. He couldn't have been more than a couple of days old. His beak was wide, soft & yellow. We had no idea what he was!

He's quite a talker, saying things like 'Hi Trill', 'Hi baby', 'Hi Trillby baby''. Because he so often hears us chiding him 'Trill's crazy', he's learned to say things like 'Crazy, crazy, crazy', 'Hi crazy baby', 'I love you sweet crazy' (my favorite).

Unfortunately, Trill has a splayed leg and could not be released, He has been our delightful companion for 3 years.

Like all starlings, Trill loves to bathe.

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